Some of us live in a world of fears. For us, we have to understand that most of these fears are operating under our own awareness. As we lack the perception, and the capacity to witness our fears, we lose control on our decisions, so of our life.

These fears might just look normal to us. After all, for many of them, we have them since we are children. We took them from our life’s teachers, in most cases, our families, but also from our first challenges when we explored the world around us. Our feelings got hurt, we got rejected, we got loved and cared for too. We had little capacities to cope with the challenges, and the polarity of life at that young age. So few of us had the chance to get a parenting to allow us to outgrow these fears. So we found ways to deal with them, and when our ways weren’t working, it created pain. Slowly, we looked for new ways to avoid the pain, and that is how we slowly built our world of fears.

  • Do you dwell at night about how tomorrow will go? These overwhelming to-do lists that never end.
  • Are you avoiding others? Or simply feeling uncomfortable around others because you might be boring or not the nicest person to talk to?
  • Do you immensely value certainty? As in staying in your comfort zone rather than going out of it.
  • Are you minding how everyone else is feeling, but yourself? Avoiding being honest in case it hurts as the truth hurt you before.
  • Do you often feel anxious and worried?

These “little clues” are powerful ways to gain awareness of our fears. They will come as thoughts, but also as discomforts in your body. Obsessive thoughts, ruminations, a noded stomach and various aches.

By slowly increasing our awareness to the cues, we can regain control. By taking actions, and facing our fears. As it is the only way forward.

Fears are there to keep us safe, and some are welcome. But if we do not challenge our fears, they will trap us in a box. That box will be slowly shrinking the more fear we have. And that is a downward spiral that you do not want to initiate.


The antidote, is again, taking actions! Slowly pushing the walls of the box back, creating more space for us to explore the world.

I will leave you on that fabulous quote from Eckhart Tolle, that will bring another take about handling your fears:

“Is fear preventing you from taking action?
Acknowledge the fear, watch it, take your attention to it, be fully present with it. 
Doing so cuts the link between the fear and your thinking. Don’t let the fear rise up into your mind.
Use the power of the Now.
Fear cannotr prevail agaist it.”

Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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