Successful people tend to have their homemade recipes. Principles, laws, wisdom, stories or values, they forged their pass and learned value insights. If they had to start over again, they know how to do it. Success is rarely based on luck, as luck can be influenced and even created. If you never create situations where luck can happen with massive upside for you, then you might not be that lucky. It is important to have a map toward success, and that whatever success means to you.

I want us to look at Peter Diamandis‘ Laws in this article. It is a list of 29 laws that he follows, and in my opinion, they have great value. Peter sees abundance in life, and he is passionate about sharing it with the world. One common trait you will see successful people having is that they are confident and enthusiastic about the future. This allows them to see and create opportunities. Peter is the embodiment of the idea that our future, is abundance.

I will leave an image of the .pdf of the 29 laws at the end of the article so you can have a look for yourself, and take home the ones that are relevant. Before doing so, I want to share the ones that resonate with me the most.

Rule 2: When given a choice, take both

This one a great reminder to think outside of the box, and do not let myself limited by the options given to me. Taking both is not what we are usually taught, and it is available! At least, it worth a try.

Rule 6: When forced to compromise, ask for more

This is in line with the first one as if you cannot take both, then ask for more! It is simple, but so many times I took what I was given without even challenging it, nor thinking that there could be more. I also believe that a law like that, is compatible with respecting the other side and going for a win/win. Asking for more does not mean you should also not be giving more. A higher value exchange can be created!

Rule 13: When in doubt… THINK

In doubt, we often believe we are thinking. But we are worried and afraid, we are not thinking, even if our brain is busy inventing scenarios, and reasons for the situation to go wrong. I’m a victim of that too, and finding the peace inside to be able to think is great to overcome the doubt. Meditating daily might have helped me find that peace, I am still unsure of the impact meditation is having in my life, but I find myself calmer in many life’s situations.

Rule 20: If you think it is impossible then it is… For you

That one keeps coming back to me, and while I get it. I do not fully live it. It’s so incredible to understand how much we limit ourselves, and that doesn’t have to be that way. Freeing ourselves is far from easy, but it is inspiring to work towards it.

Here are the 29 laws, for your pleasure!


What are the inspiring laws for you? Which ones are you living by already? Share it in the comments!

Thank you for your time and reading my post.

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