Recently, I caught up with an old friend of mine, and it was impressive to realise how much he experienced and learning by doing. I am someone that naturally like to learn a lot from videos or audios, and implementing that fresh knowledge is regularly challenging as I move onto something else to learn. What was striking is that he learned some of the greatest traits and mindset, without having the understanding of how great these are. Some people are paying thousands of euros to attend events to learn that.

Here are three of the best skills and traits that you can learn in life, and that he learned by simply experimenting, reflecting and re-adjusting. It was a great reminder as I too, try to work on these and encourage the people around me to do the same!

First, he learned to be a solution-focused person. Do not limit yourself to find problems. When a problem arises, focus on the solutions. That’s a mindset that can be learned and kept sharp. Such a mindset is invaluable in relationships, the workplace or any other life’s endeavour.


Second, he applied himself to be honest, truthful, straight but yet caring. In other words, giving tough love. As a leader, he learned that it is better to be respected than appreciated. The difference is big and crucial, often Leaders that are looking for appreciation aren’t respected. They became too friendly, they make the “cool” decisions and not the hard ones. They tolerate what should not be and do not confront what should be changed. Leading with tough love is respecting others and also creating a safer and genuine environment.

Last, he learned that growth is available everywhere in life. While he didn’t directly say it, it was clear that every challenge he faced was used to spring growth. That is also why I created that blog, and try to touch on a lot of different aspects of life, as they all bring their sources for growth. Never stop learning and build routines and habits to learn, if possible, every day.

Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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