Tonight on my way back from Crossfit I had an interesting experience. Before I explain that, there is something I need to tell you. I have a low resistance to the feeling of hunger. I feel a strong discomfort when  I have that feeling that I feel so hungry, that my body is restless and I feel I starve.

For most of my child and adult life, I have been planning my food around not feeling that hunger. I’ll rather eat a bit now, even if it compromised my weight loss goals, then risking to feel hunger later. I have made quite a few bad food decision due to that. If you read my blog recently, there are a few other articles on the subject of food and weight! (Article 1; Article 2). Recently, I’ve also written about the insights, and pearls of wisdom shared by the author of the book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. One of these pearls being that we should be the guardian of our mind, and only allow the kind of thoughts we want.

While that body sensation I have is not a thought, I found that my thoughts are impacting that sensation.

That feeling started right after I worked out, and before I going home, I had to make groceries. Usually, I end up with a bottle of coconut water or some beef jerky. You know just a quick pre-dinner snack to get rid of that physical sensation of hunger. Surprisingly, it did not happen that day. Just a few years ago, after resisting the “doing groceries in Aldi without buying any snack test”, I would have handed up with two double cheeseburgers from the McDonalds on the way home.


Later on the way back, I started to feel really agitated from that hunger that was there for about 25 minutes now. I also knew that my wife had an intense day, and that coming home, I would spend time with her to be supportive and caring. So I end up talking to myself, saying that I won’t die because of that feeling of hunger. That I will have food soon enough and that it will be okay. I stopped fighting that sensation, I accepted it. And it disappeared. I made a decision to put my wife first, then the food and the food was not a priority anymore.

I hope that piece of advice was valuable to you too! I will definitely work on that more and expand how often I am using it, beyond my hunger!

Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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