Here we go! The last post about that series on the topic of the attitudes to develop to be able to reach Financial Independence.

These attitudes are beyond trying to be Financially Independent, and I am sure that by now, you had a chance to realise that. Today’s attitudes aren’t different.

Love What You Are Doing!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Conficius

While it might not always be wise to use your passion to earn your income, focusing on jobs and doing what we love, is making it a lot easier. When you enjoy what you do, it’s easier to push when times are hard.


Add Immense Value to Others

This one needs to be always in your minds. If you have a business and if you have clients, you should be obsessed with bringing them value. Adding immense value is non-negotiable, and that is out you can separate yourself from your competition.

A good example and one that will bog your mind for a minute is the following. Let’s assume you bought at 100m square flat. It was a good buy; you can rent it and make some cash flow out of it on a monthly basis. But you do deliver value to maybe two people (a rich couple). The author of the training look at it this way, if you split that apartment into four smaller studios, then you deliver value to possibly four people. And in real estate, often value to more people means more cash flow and it came from the same apartment! While the example won’t work in every single purchase of a big flat, it gives a good insight regarding options to investigate at least!

Enjoy regularly and enjoy now too!


You might have read that to be rich one day; you need to save 10%, use coupons and make sure to live below your means so one day, maybe, you’ll get rich! Why that could work, it isn’t the point here nor the suggestion.

It’s important to enjoy life along the way! You made your first extra 1 000 euros with online coaching service? Buy yourself a nice restaurant or a massage! You made your first 20 000 euros with your new drop shipping shop? Take a holiday to reward yourself. Do not spend all of it and be unreasonable. Have a 50 euros dinner or a 1000 euros holidays. But reward yourself and enjoy now!

Learn, every day.

The last one… Is my favourite! Learn. Every. Single. Day! I wrote about that not too long ago when talking about the book called: The Millionaire Fastlane in the blog post.

“If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance”

There are so many aspects of life that our parents or our schooling system never taught us what to do. We cannot stop learning if we want to have a chance at a life on our terms. We have the privilege to live in a world where so much quality information is free. It is just right there, for us to learn and apply in our lives.


And that is it for that series! I’ll go back tomorrow to regular one-off articles. Likely a bit shorter to read and digest! I’m curious if you like to learn from the training I’ve attended, whether physical or online. I gathered quite some tools, knowledge and wisdom and I’m looking forward sharing it with you all!


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