Welcome back! Today we keep going with 13 Attitudes to develop to be on your way to Financial Independence.

Build your Team

I actually realise that I over-extended the description on the first Attitude in the first blog post. The first one was about reaching out to other and that Attitude is about making a team. Let me add a bit of the building a team:

A team doesn’t have to be your employees. Nor free-lancers. A team is a bigger concept than that. For example, if you buy an apartment and you will renovate and then rent. You will need financial advice, possible tax optimisation advice. You might need to work with a real estate agent and the people doing the renovation. All of these persons are part of your extended team and you picking skilled and experienced teammates could mean be the difference between 5% or 12% return on your investment.

Understand That Creating Wealth is a Process, NOT an Event

This goes against the lottery and gambling mentally of “One day, I’ll make a million with luck!”

I covered recently a book called The Millionaire Fastlane and while I didn’t cover that principle in my blog posts, the author always goes back to having what he calls simply a Financial Plan (of Wealth). Without a plan, then it is just hoping that it might happen to you one day.


The suggestion here is usually called the “baby steps” method. Make your first real-estate investment over six months with daily baby steps, then if you do it well, you should have a bit of cash flow on a monthly base. Then you can repeat or invest that cash flow in an online business, let’s say dropping shipping. Again, with baby steps every day. From learning from online courses to building the Shopify shop, then findings the products and finally doing integrating Stripe for you to be able to accept payments. Just in case you are wondering, I oversimplified by a lot the efforts it takes to create a drop shipping business!

“Take actions, every single day”

Be organized!




No matter how good you are on your own at being organised, it isn’t an option. If you suck at it, you need systems, processes and people to keep you accountable. Let your Team (see next Attitude) know that it is your weakest and have them be clear with what they need, how they need it and don’t scare them when they remind you that you need to do X or Z, as you need that support!

If your actions and priorities are NOT clear, the chances are that you won’t do what will bring value to your business and you might find yourself procrastinating more too.


That’s it for today! See you tomorrow for the last four attitudes! I would love to know if you like series like that.




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