Today we follow up with another three new attitudes to grow to move towards your Financial Independence. In yesterday’s blog post, we looked at your surroundings: build your team, avoid negative people and found a supporting partner.

Without further ado, let’s dive into today’s attitudes!

Accept to Take Risks!


Okay… Maybe not that kind of risk!

If you think about it: Risk is everywhere. Let’s look at one that might have motivated you for reading these articles. The risk of not taking actions. Your life will stay the same and if the same life is not working for you, then another kind of risk might be worthy. Consider risks that might give you the life you want!

While taking risk is essential and crucial in building wealth or at least, your Financial Independence, there are ways to reduce risk. A better strategy, a better training or a stronger team will reduce your risk a lot and increase your odds of being successful.  Be smart and tactical when giving yourself the chance to live the life you want. Educate yourself, get mentors and surround yourself with likely minded people. The cherry on top is having people in your surroundings that are ahead of you by 3, 5 or 10 years so you can learn from their attitudes.

Chose to Believe that Money is Good and Learn how to Love Selling

If I have learned one thing in seminars and online courses I have done, is that money is so much about beliefs (often limiting ones) and our mental blueprints. Many of us cannot achieve Financial Independence because we have growing-up surrounded by people with a poor mindset. We haven’t learned how to save; we haven’t learned how to invest; we haven’t learned how to sell. So how can we expect to be good at handling money? Even more, how can we expect to be good at making money?

You might have a belief that money bad, that money corrupts people. That money is used for evil causes. If this is one our your belief, do not be surprised to not be wealthy in your lifetime. How could you? Money is associated with being a bad person.

Money makes us more of who we already are. If we do not give 1 euros out of 10 euros to a poor people, we won’t give 10 000 out of 100 000 either. Generous people are even more generous when they are wealthy. Because of that wealth, they usually have a more significant impact of the causes they support that any of us with a 9 to 5 will ever be able to contribute. If you want to give, then earn more so you will be able to give more!

See any Transactions, as a Chance for win-win

In life, you might have been taught that there are losers and winners. So you naturally you want to be a winner. In my youth, I have been competing in various sports and later in video games too. That mentality of winners and losers was huge and present at all time. Losers would be made fun of, rejected, bullied and they weren’t part of the “pack”. They were left on the sidelines, with others losers. Such experiences can turn into a belief, and that belief can drive your life through your relationships and how you do business. It might also ruin all your relationships and possibly businesses if pushed to an extreme…

“Win-Win is a belief in the Third Alternative. It’s not your way or my way; it’s a better way, a higher way” Stephen R. Covey

The point here is that we should aim for giving value and getting value back and do business and any transactions on the basis of win-win. Stephen R. Covey’s book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was an eye opener on win-win. You can find some more details on the Think Win-Win habit in one of my first blog post.

Win-win is hard, it requires to listen and to understand the other side. It requires being vulnerable but assertive. Win-win goes a long way and it has tremendous value in any relationship.


See you another the next three attitudes! If you found it usual, share that post or my blog to your friends!




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