Today I want to share a simple video about success. In so many ways, we have been taught that success is money, a high paying job, a nice house and a nice car. While that might be someone’s success, it isn’t mine and unlikely to be yours. It is actually rarely anyone’s dream of success. Many people following that path have been unhappy because they chase someone’s dream. But that was the dream that was on TV, on the radio and in the magazine.

Jay Shetty used to be a monk and he is on a mission to make wisdom viral and he does succeed so far. I recently discovered him and he is indeed wise. As I go through his content, learn his values and principles, I’ll share more of that with you.

For today, enjoy the video! It’s a 4 minutes watch and it is well worth it! If you have more than 4 minutes, then pick a few other ones on his channel and you might just be on your way to learn some wisdom straight from a monk!


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