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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Book)

That is the one who started most of it for me! I was always interested to grow but this book help me understand what I needed to do and in which areas of my life. It helped me taking more control over my own life and me want to work toward being an independent person.

This book changed the lives of people around me to various degrees, but all the ones who went through it fully, had big changes in their lives!

Last I would suggest to read/listen to it more than once and going back to it from time to time, this will deepen your understanding of its principles greatly and help you move further where you need to be!

The School of Life (YouTube)

Videos from The School of Life are very good to watch in bad or the embrace of a loved one. It is focused on Emotional Intelligence and help us to accept ourselves and others.

They will publish a few a week and I will encourage you to check the ones published before.

A good example is the video on the right, it is mostly about what we need in hard times. If you share with your partner what you need or if you ask your partner what they need, it may change how you handle very important moments of your relationship.

Kati Morton (YouTube)

Her Website or YouTube Channel is touching on all Aspects of Pshychology. Whether about therapies or therapists themselves or various traumas and challenges. She is doing that for years and covered so many different topics. It is very insightful to learn about what can be done to support ourselves or our loved ones in hard time.

The video linked on the left is a good example of the value she can bring.

David Laroche (YouTube)

He is a French but an International Motivational Speaker and Coach. He is practicing public speaking, seminars or one to one coaching and has very high ambitions. Most of his content is in French but this is International Youtube channel. David and his team provide amazing and free content on a regular basis. David is very inspiring, he moved from being suicidal to be this young leader of the self-development.

His English content is extremely interesting too, most of it are interviews of best sellers autors, top coaches or athletes!

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