“If you would change… Everything would change for you.”

Today again, I got inspired by Jim Rohn listening to one of his speeches on YouTube. Our habits and thought patterns are like gravity. They keep us where we are and make stretching ourselves harder. The only person we control in that universe is ourselves. That is the only way we can modify our world, through our own self.

We cannot change the government; we cannot change prices, we cannot change how the world works. We can change ourselves. For some of us, if we change ourselves enough, maybe we will influence some of these. It starts with changing ourselves anyway.

Where to start? According to Jim Rohn, start with your philosophy of living. So you can begin to change everything else in your life. If you adapt your philosophy:

“You start changing your mind”

“Your start chaning how you think”

“You pick up new ideas and information”

“Gather new knowledge”

“Make better decisions about what is valuable”


I love the key that Jim Rohn is giving in that speech. He decided to assume that if he could do something, then he is considering it easy. Then he went on and made sure he did a lot of easy actions and worked hard at them. He learned skills so he could do better and yet easy actions.Slowly by surely, he changed his life.

Something else is easy… Not doing the easy actions. This is why people do not change their lives, and it is called neglect in Jim Rohn’s world.

“I did not neglect, to do the easy things for six years.” 

“Neglect starts as an infection and if we don’t take care of it, it become a disease” 

What are the easy actions you have procrastinated on for too long? What do you want to change in your life?




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