Disclaimer: For the sake of simplicity (it is a short article!), I will assume that mind and intellect are the same in that article. More details on the differences between the two can be found HERE on Chopra’s website.

As a boy, like any other boy, I was taught to think and use logic. Later on in school, I was encouraged to use my mind as much as I can. Having a sharp mind, using it effectively and being smart was the grail. I slowly forgot what it is to feel and to trust my intuition. I let myself convinced of the “Ultimate Power of the Intellect”.

Our mind is indeed powerful, but also vicious. Our mind is indeed powerful, but also manipulative. Our mind is indeed powerful, but also deceptive.

I have become so good at being in my head, that I could avoid certain feelings entirely. As soon as an emotion would rise, sometimes even before I am conscious of it, my mind would take over. You know that little voice in your head. It could be that angry, mean and needy child. These negative self-talk. These distracting thoughts and, at times, these worrying thoughts.

I will share a personal example as it may be of help for anyone else. When listening to an audio or watching a movie, for a long time, I could feel a wave of emotions, and it felt like I wanted to cry. But it latest for a split second. My brain would directly take over, crush the wave and emotions would be suppressed. Thoughts would quickly come in after that, and often for me, it was the fear of that if I cry, it might never stop. Can you see how smart is that fear? To prevent me from feeling uncomfortable emotions, my brain makes crying something I might not be able to handle. That is the power of the mind, my friend.


Our mind is like the storm in the picture, disturbing the peace and the beauty of life. It brings its own strength and beauty too. Our mind hijacks, it wants to control. But if we live in our heads, we can’t know joy and happiness. For these emotions, we need to be in the now; we need to be conscious. We need to be out of our mind.

As an adult, I have learned that my mind is a great ally. I love my brain. And I am also learning that I should not always trust it. As an adult, I want to feel. Emotions, sensations and other delights of life that the mind can not provide.

It is time for our emotions, to claim back space from our mind. Are you with me? 

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