Welcome back to OnGoingGrowing! Today I want to share a simple concept from Jim Rohn, about the four IFs that makes life worthwhile. By IF’s I means, life is worthwhile IF…

I have a huge admiration and respect for Jim Rohn’s. I’ve listened hours and hours of his audios. He is sharp with his mind, he is wise and he makes life’s lessons easy to understand while enabling us to bring them into our own life straightforwardly. If you never heard of him, just go on YouTube.com and you will dozens of hours to listen to.



That’s great you came to read that article! You’ve just made your life a little more worthwhile. Good job!

That doesn’t stop here though: learning, growing and changing should be one of the goals of our lives No matter the age, no matter where we are already or where we are coming from. We must learn, we must keep learning. That is a quest I’ve started a long time ago and I hope we are on the same quest already. If you aren’t, it’s never too late to join the adventure!

We can learn about ourselves, we can learn to be a better parent or partner. We can learn about investing and we can learn how to hold space when someone else is speaking. We can learn how to breath, how to think and how to move. We can learn when travelling. So many ways for us to learn!


Life isn’t only about successes because we cannot get these without first trying and often failing. We must try and dare to keep trying. Again. And again. We must keep trying. Whatever puzzle we are trying to solve, there is plenty of right answers or solutions to it. We might not see them yet, but with more understanding or with a different view or simply by asking ourselves better questions, we might solve our problem in a way that we never thought was possible.

I would even go further and say that problems, might not be problems. I do follow more and more the idea of “problems” as “opportunities for growth”. We are free to frame problems in a way that they aren’t. We can make them a source of learning, a source of growth and a source to help us expand our self-awareness.


When we LEARN and when we TRY, what else do we need? We need time. We need to stay in the game.

We cannot grow a tree or a garden overnight, we need to plant the seeds at the right time, we need to water it, we need to take care of it for months or years before we can reap the benefits of it. Life is no different.

If we want a great body, we need to exercise, often. We need to eat well, balanced and healthy. We also need to sleep well. And doing that for a week or a month won’t change much in our lifetime. We need to do it again, every week. That’s the key to any changes.

If we want a great relationship, we need to Love. But we also need to listen and give. We need to know how to receive as well. We need to accept and we need to care. All that needs to be repeated over and over, so the feeling of Love can be maintained, we can reap the fruit of intimacy, closeness and trust.

Let’s look at the last IF now:


worthwhileWhen we LEARNED, when we TRIED and we acquired wisdom and experience by doing it over and over (we STAYED) we must share it. It could be to our kids, to our family or to the world. SHARING is the reason for that blog. I’ve found so much value in what I’ve learned, it changed my life, it changed my relationships, it changed who I am and it will change my future too. I felt that other people should know. I kept asking myself how is it possible that no one told me these things? How could I have missed these chances to have such a better life?

It just made sense to create that blog. Even just for myself. Because I share it with you, I need to understand it better than if it was for myself so I learn better; Then it serves my wife, because she learns about me and what I care about. On top of that, we now both can bring that into our relationship. Then it serves strangers I don’t know or friends, colleagues and family and you guys will bring that to your own circles.

Now that you have that knowledge, it is up to you to ask yourself if you want to share. Would share that with your loved ones would make their lives and your life a little more worthwhile? If so, do it!

By sharing we invest in others, we invest in humanity. The ripples of our life’s lessons and good deeds will slowly change the world to be a better place. At least for the world around us, the world of the ones we love the most dearly.

To Go Further

As usual, I want to give credit where it’s due. While Jim Rohn isn’t with us anymore, he can teach us a great deal. You can find a 6’38 video about these four IFs from Jim Rohn himself. It worth your time!

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