In this article, we are continuing a series about the book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Spiritual Fable About Fulfilling Your Dream & Reaching Your Destiny, written by Robin Sharma. I loved the book, it is a quick read, it is also simple to read, but it is full of wisdom and practical tips to enlighten one’s life. In this article, we look at the 10 ways of Radiant Living.

These 10 ancient ways have been refined and practised generations after generations by the wisest monks. It is suggested to do them as a daily routine, for 30 days to start with. It should take an hour a day. Some people seem to take these 10 ways of Radiant Living as a morning routine, which is the preferred option. Let’s have a look at them and I will also explain them briefly!

  • The Ritual of Solitude: It is your mandatory moment of peace and silence. The exercise of the Heart of the Rose (close to the end of the article) can be practised for this ritual for example.
  •  The Ritual of Physicality: Also called the power of physical care. The idea is that out of the 168 hours we have weekly, five of them should be physical exercise and training. Yoga is highly encouraged!
  • The Ritual of Live Nourishment: This one is about diet, and these sage monks have been having a vegetarian like diet for thousand years. Live foods are foods that aren’t dead. Meat is dead food. Vegetables are live foods to keep it simple! Fruits and grains are live food too.
  • The Ritual of Abundant Knowledge: This one is encompassing learning AND applying what you learned. It is being a student of life and for life, but taking actions too. This one is usually composed of different sub-daily rituals, like reading. The monks suggest reading 30 minutes a day at the minimum.
  • The Ritual of Self-Reflexion: Inner contemplation is crucial to our growth and wellbeing. In the evening, it is suggested to look back at our day and think if our actions and interactions have been positive or constructive. Learning from our mistakes and doing our best to be better tomorrow.



  • The Ritual of Early Awakening: The recommendation here is six hours of sleep and waking up early enough, to be able to witness the sunrise. Something important, it MUST BE high-quality sleep and quality is more important than quantity here. In a dark room, without having eaten or drunk water late so no digestion or pee in the middle of the night kind of problems. The monks believe that the 10 minutes before and after sleeping are the most important one and should be spent wisely. Our phones aren’t on the list for “spent wisely”!
  • The Ritual of Music: Listen, sing it and dance with it! “Never forget the power of music”.
  • The Ritual of the Spoken Word: This one is linked to affirmations or mantras. Monks recite in the morning, mid-day and evening mantras they wrote themselves. Repeating a mantra (or an affirmation), is simply positive self-talk. Affirmations are quite common in the self-development arena as it helps to change our self-image.
  • The Ritual of Congruent Character: It is crucial to living in lines with our principles and values. To do so, we first need to know them and the monks suggest to write them first. As we are aware of them, we can stick to them and apply them into our lives with consistency.
  • Lastly, The Ritual of Simplicity: To be fulfilling our life also must be simple. We must focus on our priorities, the few things that are truly meaningful. If you do that, and the nine other rituals, we have a chance to achieve enlightenment, peace, joy and fulfilment.

And that is about it! It is a long list but it can be worked through overtime, and slowly expanded, one ritual at a time.

I have been working on a lot of these rituals before reading the book and I want to expand that with that new knowledge. Here is my current progress:

  • Solitude through Meditation.
  • Physicality through working out 4-5 hours a week.
  • Live nourishment from cutting meat heavily and focusing more on a vegetarian like diet. I’ve come across so many different resources that this is the healthiest way of eating!
  • Abundant Knowledge through my new reading habit of 10 minutes a day and my YouTube videos, Audiobooks and Podcast. I’m at time lacking in the taking action department, but I am working on that too!
  • Early Awakening, I wake up three hours before I start to work to have a morning routine!
  • Congruent Character as I have been exploring my values and principles. Then making steps to living by them, it is still a struggle and somewhere I need to massively improve!


I hope you appreciate to learn more about these valuable insights. Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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