In this article, we are continuing a series about the book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Spiritual Fable About Fulfilling Your Dream & Reaching Your Destiny, written by Robin Sharma. I loved the book, it is a quick read, it is also simple to read, but it is full of wisdom and practical tips to enlighten one’s life. In this article, we look at the principle of Opposition Thinking.

It was highlighted quickly in the book that we must be the keeper of our mind. As a keeper, we cannot let negative thoughts in. We should guard the frontiers of our mind and prevent any unwanted thought from entering our realm. The Monk calls it: Opposition Thinking.

Most of us are just letting thoughts coming to our mind, whether they are positive or negative, wanted or unwanted. Most of us are also assuming that it cannot be any other way. After all, we aren’t choosing what we think… Aren’t we?

Let us challenge that idea for a minute:

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts”

The Sivana’s Monks developed a practice to control and act on what their thoughts are. While they have unwanted thoughts as everyone else, they do not allow them. When I negative thought is appearing, they make a conscious effort to think about something positive or joyful. That exercise requires strong self-discipline and is hard to master. But as we have seen in the previous article, the Magic Rule of 21 days might be all you need, or at least you will be in a good spot with guarding your mind!


Opposition Thinking is, for the purpose of that daily short article, isolated from other practices encouraged by the monks. While the Monks suggested more daily rituals, even as an isolated practice, Opposition Thinking can lead to great benefits according to the monks. It will help us think more positively and allow us to develop control over our state. We aren’t just a victim of our thoughts anymore, we can be in charge. 

To help with that, the Monks are practising meditation and visualisation. Meditation can take a few forms. For example, they have an exercise called the Heart of the Rose, which consists at looking at a rose for at least 20 minutes, focusing on its details (smell, texture, beauty etc.). Most people struggle initially with such an exercise as unwanted thoughts are taking over. With a daily practice, for 21 days at least (the magic rule), we can build the capacity of controlling the mind to focus on the rose and as a result, be in charge of the thoughts that we are allowing or not. Visualisation could be as simple as thinking and see in our mind, something or someone we like. Or imagine ourselves in a place we love to be in.

I hope you appreciate to learn more about these valuable insights. Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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