SilenceCalmStillness… We live in a world that is pushing us NOT to create space for these moments of wellbeing, and joy. Notifications on our phones, emails, and dramatic headlines are everywhere. In this article, I want us to explore together the importance of some calm in our lives.

For most of my adult life, I made my life as busy as it can get, filling every second of it with an action. I trained myself to be constantly doing things, until the very last moment before I went to bed. Somehow, I convinced myself that I was not doing enough! I would compare myself to people who do more and would push myself for more. I pushed it to the point that one of the first time you might have heard about me was that because I could play three video games at once while watching YouTube and checking Twitter.

During these crazy years, I developed an ability of not being at ease with tuning to myself. I would suppress emotions, have little time for self-care or self-soothing (if any) and could not really stand just being with myself. While that did not lead to a burnout and even concerning mental health problems, who knows what would have happened if I kept going like that for months or years. It was not healthy, nor it was fulfilling.

Recently I wrote that life is great as sending us hints when we are out of balance, so if we dare to see these hints and act of them, we can correct our trajectory towards being balanced again. The previous article was about self-discipline. Today it is about resting, creating space for calmness, and taking care of oneself.

That journey into calmness, mostly started when I met my wife. She cares about being relaxed, about feeling great and have peaceful moments. When I discovered such pleasures, I slowly reduce the craziness I had developed in my life. Initially, I was playing only two video games instead of three, even just one at a time. I slowly was more sensitive to loud noises and I am mindful of how loud is what I listen too. I was and still am, slowly unwinding all these years of being busy, for more peaceful days.


Nine months ago, I started to meditate. That was a game changer when it comes to having a more peaceful mind. Meditating made me realise how I missed stillness and calmness in my life. While meditation is now a daily practice, integrated into a morning routine, it created positive side effects. I often just take deeper breaths, or just listen to softer music. I am more aware of my emotional state, and that allows me to regulate it as needed. I am sensitive to my own self and caring more about my wellbeing.

When we have started to create peace of mind regularly in our lives, it is incredible to realize how we are lacking it before. In my case, I was running an infinite race that I couldn’t win, at a pace that I cannot sustain. But while running it, I wouldn’t see the bigger picture.

Have you created such a race for yourself? If so, it might worth considering to start to walk or just slow down a bit.


Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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