Whether you believe that you can or can’t make it, you are right. That very belief will shape the outcome of what you are pursuing. Remember that your win might not be that far and often, we give up right before we are about to succeed. 

“A winner is just a looser, who tried one more time.” – Jay Shetty

Life is hard, on all of us. Rejection, loss, addiction or our deepest fears, life has plenty to offer to scare us and keep us stuck. But that shouldn’t stop us, we are built to learn and change. We are built to move forward.

The question is not about the harshness of life. Life is not a competition of who is having it the worst. We can always find someone who had it worth than us. The real questions are what are you doing about it? How resilient are you? How long will you try?… Until you get your win; until finally succeed to get what you want. 

The next time you face a difficulty, honour yourself and give yourself another chance. If needed, give yourself another again. Until you succeed. Good luck my friend!



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