This article is part of a Serie about the book: The Millionaire Fastlane. You can find the first blog post HERE (Sidewalk, Slow-Lane, Fast-Lane) and the second post HERE (5 Commandments of the Fast-Laner).

The author is crystal clear on that, a Fast-Laner (and a Slow-Laner) is learning constantly. A Fast-Laner understand that his former education is actually just schooling and his real education starts afterwards. As Fast-Laners are creating wealth with creating businesses, they need to develop and master skills and keep refining them over time.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”


The main point of the author is that you must re-invent yourself all the time. Most people stop learning after leaving school and for him, that was schooling, not an education. Both people on the Slow-Lane and Fast-Lane are educating themselves on an ongoing basis. The big difference is that the Slow-Laner train themselves to be better cogwheels in the systems of the Fast-Laners and Fast-Laners are learning how to make better and more profitable systems.

“Knowledge is freely available”

“Education is freely available, yet most chose not to take it”

Here is a quick list of resources suggested for your Fast-lane education: Bookstores & Library (books); Blogs; Youtube Channels; Internet Forums; Internet Classes (can be pricey); Podcasts, Webcasts, Webinars and eBooks; Seminars; TV Channels (educational ones) or Continued Education Classes. Most of these are dirt cheap and accessible to you at the fingertip of your phone.

The author suggests avoiding expensive education. For example with seminars, you can have the expensive one (thousands of euros) made by public speakers and they usually do not worth it. He would rather go to a seminar made by an outstanding professional in the field and that usually cost just a few hundreds of euros.


Fast-Laners are frugal with their time, as they only have 24 hours a day and that cannot be extended! He is suggesting a few tricks to learn more often and call them universities. The idea being it is to transform wasted time into education time.

  • Driving University: Stop the radio (or chose carefully) and have a podcast!
  • Exercising University: On the treadmill? Listen to an audiobook!
  • Waiting University: At the Airport? At the Doctor? Have something on your phone that you can read or listen to educate yourself!
  • Toilet University: You get it at that point! As you are rarely disturbed in the toilet, the author is suggesting to extend your time there to keep learning!
  • Jobbing University: Use the dead time to learn! It might even make you find ways to be more effective at work, so you create dead times!
  • TV University: Watch something educational or do something educational while watching


That is concluding it with the highlights of that book! Thank you very much for reading my first three daily blog posts and see you tomorrow morning for the next one. 🙂

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