We will take a quick break from reviewing the gems from the book: The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari that we started a few days ago. I want us to think about all the great things we do every day, and make sure we do not take them for granted. Because we often do take them for granted.

We often compare ourselves to people that do more or better. We are racing against others, in a race that they aren’t even aware of. As that race happens in our own head, and nobody else is invited. We just do that on our own, and we create suffering for ourselves.

We envy the confident public speaker as we feel so shy and clumsy when we do.
We envy the fit person we saw at the gym yesterday, looking at our belly fat in the mirror in the morning.
We envy our sharp colleague that can pitch any idea in just a few (perfect) words
We envy our neighbour that goes running every morning at 6 am, no matter if it is rain or snow.
We envy the entrepreneurs on Insta because of their freedom and wealth.

We spend our days looking around, comparing, assessing and looking at how miserable are some aspects of our lives are compared to what others have. They must have been so lucky. In our lows, we focus on these differences and what we lack, and we end up on the couch, watching TV and eating ice cream. If we do it for too long or too intensively, we end up another couch, the one of a therapy as we need help with depression.

All of us do wonders for ourselves or others every single day. We need to look at these wonders, pay attention to their worthiness. Notice them, and also value them.


What are the wonders you do during your day? To yourself? To others?

Here are mine that I often take for granted, and that I should not!

  • My first-morning attention is my wife. While she sleeps when I wake up, I make sure to look at her, smile at her and eventually give her a gentle touch before I go out of bed without waking her up
  • I do my routine items every day: cold shower, reading, meditating, writing on my blog, following my meal plan, watching inspiring YouTube videos  to grow and listening to audiobooks on my way to work and my lunch break
  • I do exercise four times a week, most weeks of the year. If not four, I do it three times at least
  • I do express gratitude for my wife throughout the day, and for our daily practice before sleeping too (sharing three gratitude items about each other)
  • I am timely and respectful of others. I do my best to be on time and rarely late to the appointments I commit to
  • I care for others and try to serve them

And possibly many more! I believe you have plenty yourself too.
Sometimes we look back at our day, and we do not see why it was a great day. Then if only we would consider all the above (or your equivalent), if fact, it will be hard to have a bad day.

Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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