I came across a recent video of one of my mentors, and I want to take a moment to share with you the immense value it brings. As the video is in French, sharing that will also allow a wider audience to benefit from that message, as I believe it needs to reach as many people as possible. The video touches on the Three elements that are controlling everything in our lives, but more importantly, you can be in control of these elements to create the life you want, the amazing life you deserve.

In life, whatever happens to you, you can ALWAYS decide to look for a way to impact these elements to gain back control and change how you think, feel or act. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Your Perceptions

You are living in your own reality. There is nobody else on this planet that sees the events of life just like you do. Some people might see a lot like you, but there will be undeniable differences of some events of life, past, present or future.

Events are neutral. Being fired, being born, a sunburn, a water leak in your bathroom or the death of a close one and any other event of life, are all neutral. What changes is the meaning that you are making out of them.

Let’s explain what I mean by neutral. You could say that being fired is horrible and you wish nobody to go through that. What about the lawyer that got fired, understood he was miserable anyway and started to accomplishes his dream? Or Steve Jobs, who got fired from the company he created, but then confirmed for various reasons that it was the best thing that could have happened to him, he needed it.

Sometimes you will find that it takes time to change your perception. You likely experienced that already. What was believed or felt, might not be any more.


The Actions You Take

As you can change how you see the world (your perceptions), you can change how you act in this world.

Some crucial concept he is sharing in the video is that you must keep moving. So many people think until they have the perfect solution to take action, and it sometimes never happen. It is better to go action, learning from failures and adopt the plan along the way with the new experiences you are having.

No matter how hard is life, if you fall down, stand up. If you fall down again, stand up. Standing up is the only way forward, so you must keep standing up, until you are strong enough, until you are wise enough, until you are smart enough, until you are experienced enough. Until you made the decision to get what you want.

The Decisions You Make

Life changes in a moment. You make decisions in a moment. It might take you ten years to have that moment, but the decision itself is just a moment. What moments did you have that shaped your life? What decisions did you make in these moments?

A decision is making it what you want a MUST. Not just a should. A real MUST. You can not; not have it. You want it and you are willing to make it happen, no matter what.

My article for about a week ago will help you with making decisions. Using the concept of pain and pleasure.

Thank you for your time and for reading this post. I am sure this helps to make your life even more amazing!

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To Go Further

If you understand French or want to try your luck with auto-translated YouTube Subtitles, this video will give more example and go deeper than the highlights I share in that article. Give him a thumb up and possibly a share, it could change someone’s life to spread messages like that one!

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