Welcome back to OnGoingrowing after a long break! Today we talk about why investing in yourself is the best investment you could ever do. Let’s start with a quote to bring the good vibes:

“Investing in YOURSELF is the best investment you will EVER MAKE. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you

How powerful is that? How true is that?!

Many of us spend hundreds if not thousands of euros a year, on things we do not need. Now and then, we make these poor financial decisions, and we rarely look back to see how valuable they were (like not so much). Just look around your home:

  • Do you have pieces of gym equipment that have you barely touch?
  • Do you have clothes you never use?
  • Do you have cooking equipment that never touched any food?
  • Are your drawers full of shit you do not need at all?

Now let’s think for a moment. What if all that money, was spent on yourself? What if that money was spent to create and shape a better version of who you will be tomorrow?

Even better, imagine if you would repeat that process year after year, for all your life. Who would you be in 1, 5 or 50 years? Would you be wiser? Would you be a better partner or parent? Would you be wealthier?

The answer is indeed YES! You could be all of that!

Let’s look first at a few things you could do to invest in yourself.

Bring more value to your world! Learn new skills!

 We are wired to grow. Our bodies and minds are machines for change and learning; we should all take advantage of that!

Skills are a big part of your value in the workplace but also at home. We all could have better communication, leadership and be a better listener. These basics skills are bringing incredible value to most situations and relationships of your life. New skills could mean a new career, a promotion or bring your parenting to the next level.

If these are not to your taste, what about a new language? Or cooking?  Learning is creating excitation in life something as simple as cooking could have many positive repercussions for yourself and people around you!

Take care of your health

Your health will bring you the energy and strength to create the life you want. Good overall health will fuel your happiness and bring joy to people around you. I am talking here beyond what we usually call health. Here is what I mean with some examples of what to do about it:

  1. Your Physical Health: Feed your body with clean and healthy food, workout or go for a walk!
  2. Your Emotional Healthy: Allow your emotions, Express how you feel, Learn how to Manage Stress or connect with others!
  3. Your Mental/Intellectual Health: Learn, Teach, Read, Listen, Stay curious!
  4. Your Social Health: Check Meetup.com, get a drink with a friend or make sure to have a date with your loved one!
  5. Your Spiritual Health: Meditation, Pray or Travel!

 Learn how to handle your finances

Whatever lifestyle you are aspiring to or no matter which financial future you want, there are likely better ways to achieve it. Most of us receive little to none financial education. So we need to learn that ourselves! And there is so much to discover!

Learn from books how to have a solid saving plan; go to a seminar for investing in cryptos; attend a conference to learn about flipping real estate or buy yourself an online training to kick start your online business. No matter where you start, it can lead to the life you want.

Self-Investment Plan for 2018

I have been investing in myself more and more for the last few years but 2018 marks a change. It is a time commitment but also a money commitment. While the money might seem a lot, I trust I will make it back in my lifetime and probably a lot more from it!

“The more you learn, the more your earn!”


I invest time every day to learn and grow. It is mostly coming from YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Audiobooks or writing that very blog! Some of that cost a bit of money, but it is mostly free and provides valuable knowledge and a lot of wisdom.

Late 2016, I attended my first week-long self-development event (Choice Training), and the immersion made such a difference, that I wanted more of it. Attending events is more costly but it worth it! I’ve listened to so many testimonials of life-changing experiences for these events; it was time for me to experience that further!

My plan is the following for 2018, and the budget is roughly 3 500 €:

  • January: 2 days Seminar, “Unlock Your Potential” in France (~1000€)*
  • February: Hired a Coach on Coach.me (15€/week so a total of ~700€ for 2018)
  • February:  Online Training about Investment (All Weather type of portfolio – 500€/euros)
  • July: 5 days Rites of Passage (~1000€)*
  • Audiobooks: Monthly Audible.com membership (15€/month so a total of 180€)
  • Udemy Course: Various topics (5×10€, bought during sales)

*The prices indicated includes flights, food, accommodations and so on. While it might look expensive, half of it is the training cost, and the rest is to go there for the duration of it!

Here are some simple reasons why I believe these are worthy:

  • January seminar felt the right next step in my life; it was about setting goals, finding our life mission and learning about yourself.
  • The coach also felt right as I struggle on my own. I achieve so much more in working with that coach for a month for the goal I am working towards that I did on my own in the last six months.
  • The online investing training comes discounted at a time where I wanted to have such an investment, even if it is just with a few thousand euros so I can learn about to put it in place, do my first steps with investing and start to have my money working for me.
  • The Rites of Passage is only if my application is accepted, this is my birthday gift to myself. I have been working on growing up, on being more of an adult person and connecting to my emotions. That week should provide a lot of opportunities for all that!
  • Audiobooks and Udemy courses are more of a constant thing or an on and off thing. Podcasts & Audiobooks are taking most of the time I spend walking or eating alone.

And that’s it for today! I hope you found it encouraging and that it helps you believe that you are worthy. It

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