Remember a book that brought a lot of insights when you read it the first time. Then somehow you came across that same book years later. You remember it was good, so you decide to go back to it. Along the way, you see and discover what was invisible before. You have different insights, a different understanding. Some parts of that book that were not relevant are now highly relevant. Some parts of the book that had no meaning are suddenly the most interesting.

For me, that book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and that quote reminded me of it today:

“The Teacher shows up, when the student is ready”

It is interesting to think that we can see and understand what could be next, only if we are ready. We cannot see what is too far from us. I got another way to explain that quote clearly, and that will hopefully bring you some more self-awareness.

The Art of Balancing

In a recent seminar I attended, there was that concept that life needs to be balanced. Until we find that balance, life keeps throwing the same things over and over at us, so we have a chance to learn. Let’s pick two common human traits: Polite and Rude. Imagine that these are on a spectrum. While being polite is usually lovely, you might not want to be on the far side of the spectrum. You can forget yourself wholly by being too respectful to others, and that’s not good. Same with being rude, while being of the far end of the spectrum people might call you a dick. You might want to have a bit of assertiveness and at times, a bit of rudeness in your life.

Remember that the other individuals in your life will challenge you when you are out of balance. Think about how your partner or kids are testing you and find what is out of balance!

Let’s finish the explanation: As the people in your life will challenge you on being too polite, this will happen until you learn how to value yourself more and for example, until you are more assertive and better at setting boundaries. Then these rude individuals will respect you more and also move along to find another “too nice” person to bother. They could too learn about to be less rude and more mindful of others, but we cannot change others, and the focus here was on yourself, as this is a someone you can change. 🙂

Did you experience being out of balance between two human traits? And what did you changed to be in balance again? Usually, it is simply by having a bit less of the side you are in and have a bit more of the other side. Here are a few common examples that we need to learn how to balance:

  • Independent <–> Conforming
  • Objective <–> Subjective
  • Intellectual <–> Unreflective
  • Passive  <–> Active
  • Quiet  <–> Talkative
  • Proud  <–> Humble
  • Manipulative  <–> Straightforward
  • Irritable  <–> Good-Natured

I leave you with that picture for today; as nature’s too, seems to balance itself by being centred in the middle!




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