Welcome back! Today I want us to investigate the benefits of working with a coach.

Did you ever consider hiring a coach? I have been dwelling on that for the last two years! I have heard many testimonials, talked to people who had good experiences, coaching is also part of my job, I’ve seen my wife making great changes when working with a coach and she even started to be a coach herself! But all that was not enough (somehow!). After all, a coach isn’t cheap! What if it doesn’t bring any results? What if I am not ready to take steps to improve my life?

I told myself these stories for a long while and the truth is that it didn’t really serve me well. I improved my life and achieved results on my own, but it was too slow. Not consistent enough. Or it implied an overwhelming fear and unbeatable struggles at times. This time, it was enough! I decided to behave like a good sceptic. A good sceptic is someone that even if they aren’t sure it might work, test it for themselves before they form an opinion. On the opposite, “bad” sceptics form opinions without testing their assumptions and often misses out because of that.

A quick disclaimer: Being coached isn’t the solution to all your problems nor magic, but it might solve some of them at least! As we have all types of coaches, I want to clarify the kind of coach we will look at today. I’ve been hiring a life coach, mostly to help me with working on having a clearer vision for my future, setting goals, and supporting me to be accountable.

My First Step in the Journey of Coaching

I decided to go with Coach.me, it’s a website where you can hire a coach for 14-15 euros per week and the coaching will be daily exchange through messages with your coach. They have all kind of coaches: fitness, mindfulness, business, career, accountability and so on. I went for a guy called Craig, he’s probably in his 50s, have been a coach for about 20 years. His profile inspired knowledge, trust and experience which felt reassuring to me as a first-time coachee!

As soon as you pay, you have access to the coach and the coaching starts shortly after! Which is great, there is little downtime or wanting to see the coach next time you have an appointment with him/her.

We quickly agreed to start defining only one goal and I made a 90-day plan about it. The 90-day plan consisted of breaking the bigger goals in 3 smaller ones and then breaking each of these 3 smaller goals in 3 actions to be done in the next 90 days. So you end up having 9 actions and 3 small goals that will complete your beginner one.


Breaking down a goal that way, allowed me to go through all the quick wins. The long-term goal is looking into how to buy a real estate that is as much as possible an asset but that also will be our home for my wife and I. For example, buying a flat or a house with an extra bedroom or two and renting these or doing Airbnb. If well planned, this can potentially at least pay the mortgage and have a chance to pay the bills too! If we can’t make it an asset, then it needs to be as little as a liability as possible. As the bigger goal behind that is slowly developing our assets and slowly working toward our financial independence.

The Power of Coaching

You might have heard that committing to others help to be motivated. If you want to start exercising or start writing a book, it might be a good idea to make it public. Post it on Facebook, tell your family and your friends. Be loud about it. It will create a natural social pressure as people will ask about your progress so it will help you with staying accountable to your goal and making small steps, one after another.

Accountability Coaching can just do that for you. With the added benefits of working with someone that will be there when you need but also with someone trained, experienced and also someone with the tools to help you move forward when you hit a plateau! Keeping moving forward is crucial, as when the momentum is lost, it might be extremely hard to get going again!

A started with my coach mid-February, so 6 weeks ago and I have done more than I would in months in the past. I also have a direction that is precise and that direction is clearly defined by detailed actions and steps (the 90-day plan mentioned earlier).


Lastly, there is an added benefit of a coach. In times of fears or when you past stories of failure and limiting self-believes are kicking in, you can rely on someone who will believe in you but also someone equipped with tools and skills to help get through these fears and believes. These struggles might be the time for permanent changes in your life as you learn how to overcome certain limitations. It could be time for breakthroughs.

In Conclusion

My coaching journey is at its beginning, I just took my first few steps and so far, I’m enjoying it as it helps me do more for future. I found it valuable to have a clearer vision and then execute on small goals for that vision as it is allowing me to move forward nearly every day. Sometimes it is as small as booking an appointment and arranging a phone call for next week. Sometimes it is as big as going on for hours and making many small steps in one afternoon.

A few articles ago I wrote about Investing in Yourself (Best Investment of 2018!) and I believe coaching might be a place to start and consider for many of us. Particular if there is a lack of clarity or accountability. A coach can do miracles for you on these and it may just change your life on the long-term!






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