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Hello dear reader,

13719470_10209220606144125_7081882862788467094_oMy name is Nicolas, French and I am 31 years. I am living in Ireland for since 2010. I lived in the French Alps most of my life (South East of France), in a rural environment. I love the mountains and the snow. Before moving to Ireland, I was used to do mountain biking, I did alpine skiing for a good 10 years in competition and for a while, dreamt of being a Ski Instructor one day. Sport have been a big part of my life for most of it. I was always someone who wanted to learn, I was quite curious as a child, asking how things works, trying to learn from others.I work as Team Leader in a Video Game Company (Blizzard Entertainment). I am also a gamer at heart but this blog won’t cover this aspect of my life.

One of my manager a few years back gave me a book to read as part of my development towards being a Team Leader and it got to understand how much more I could grow. The book was: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from Stephen R. Covey. Since then, I have been looking up in Podcasts, Audio Books or YouTube into other venues for similar content. While talking to people around me about their issues, it tuned out I had in a lot of situations, a video or a book I could refer people too so they can better than understanding on the issue they were facing and how to work on it. This led me to the creation this blog in October 2016!

My Blog

I am creating this blog to reach out to other people and share with them my findings on self-development as well as my personal experience. I want to mix both side of it, I want to share knowledge, resources but as well, I want to share concrete real life experiences.

The topic that you can expect on this blog are health, physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, mental health or spirituality. I may also write about entrepreneurship or financial independence.

I don’t claim to be a master of any of these, I am in a life long journey and keep learning every day. I’d like to share this journey with you and hopefully we can both make the other richer with our own experiences, knowledge or discoveries. In this journey, I would like to met and share with other people with similar interest and I hope that this blog will be helpful in that sense!

The opinions and thoughts expressed in this blog do not represent to ones from my employer and only are my own.
When it comes to nutrition or exercise, I am not a Doctor, nor a trained professional so please consult your practitioner if you have any conditions or worries.

I wish you a good day!


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