As a content creator, I want to improve my craft to deliver powerful messages and impact of people lives. On my journey, I like to get inspiration from people I consider Masters. I recently discovered a man named: Jay Shetty. He is on a mission that resonates to the core with me: Make wisdom go viral. To make it go viral, we need to spread the message, and while it isn’t the direct purpose of that blog post, I still hope it is helping in that direction.

One of his recent videos touched me, and I want to share it with you. I’ll touch briefly on the few keys points of it, but I highly suggest to watch it, a few times. So you can get most out of it for your own relationship!

He opens the video with that quote:

“We lived in a time that when something was broken we would fix it, not throw it away”

The context is that this answer came from a couple that spent 65 years together. I am halfway through my 33rd year, so that means that this couple stayed together twice the time I lived. 65 years is a long journey!


I just published an article yesterday about Love being a choice, and looking at Love that way is supporting in tough times. With Love as a choice, we do not change partner after the first disappointments. We work and invest in the relationship. We grow together. We keep choosing each other, every day, and particularly when it is not easy. That is opposite of Romanticism or the famous “The One” mentality.

Staying together just to stay together isn’t the journey we want to take. Creating fulfilment, joy, connection, and happiness is the journey, and a committed and conscious relationship is a way to do that.

“We are meant to love people, and use things but today we use people, and love things.”

To create such a relationship, his wisdom is that we need to find an independent lover. That person should allow us to change our lives. They should confront us in our beliefs, and in our understanding. They can push us to go after our craziest and most wanted dreams. These traits will generate growth of ourselves but also of the relationship. It is allowing us to expand. We want to be that person to them too. 

I have a longer explanation of the concepts of being dependent, independent or the challenges of codependency in relationships if these concepts are not clear yet! They are important to understand the forces at play, and the risks or benefits they create in our love life!

Thank you for your time and reading my post. I hope you appreciate the wisdom and the insights!

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