Today we look at 4 keys that are foundations to create a magic life for ourselves. It is inspired by one video of David Laroche and I will share my own experience through his points.

Be grateful to life for what we already have

Gratitude is everywhere nowadays! I listen to many coaches, public speakers or entrepreneurs and they all explain what being grateful bring to their life. It is all about appreciating what we have instead of what we could have if, or what we could have in the future. I shared previously one story about gratitude and how it helped me go through doubts with my wife.

There are many ways to practice gratitude in your life and it is important to find one which is working for you. I started in 2016 by writing in a google sheet 5 things I am grateful for a day. Most of it was about my partner, some about my work and rarely to myself. Slowly, I was able to notice other areas of my life that I was grateful for. Maybe something my mother taught me that was sounded like common sense but is actually an healthy way to live (use good oils, like cold pressed olive oil). Then after a few more weeks, I found myself being grateful for myself. Maybe I did a great workout actually today and then I was good with water and food too, what a nice day after all!

I have to say that I didn’t do that alone, Gratitude is always a topic with my wife. We share what we are grateful for regularly and we both understand the benefit of it as well as feeling the impact it has on our lives so if one is falling short with it for a while, the other will pick it up!

“The more we develop the capacity to be thankful for what we have, the richer we are in our life”

An interesting person I am following for month is Gary Vaynerchuk, he is a successful entrepreneur and he talks a lot! He may not look like it, but he is actually a very wise man and he looks at gratitude through another length: perspective. He tend to simply imagine what would he feel if his wife and kid died for example and that will put him in a gratitude state instantly indeed. I do that at times myself too, I imagine my life without my wife, how painful would it be then I imagine that I heal and that I would meet someone else eventually and then I realize how lucky I am to have met her. It is sooo incredible to share my life with someone with a relationship based on acceptance, unconditional love and growth. Someone that is having our best interests in mind, someone that knows herself that much and communicated openly. Where resentment is rarely built upon and in every case, it is being communicated so we can get just fix the underlying issue and move forward, stronger and closer.

“In life, sometimes we forgot how luck we are. I am thankful to have a partner who love me, I’m thankful to have electricity, I’m thankful to simply live”

To go further on gratitude, listen to that Interview of Tony Robbins by Gary Vaynerchuk and go at 15’35! /enjoy

Play with the possibilities life is offering

“The feeling of learning and progressing is proven to be creating the feeling of well-being”

One of the main point here is that it is more important to feel we progress than being successful! How great is that? I personally can relate to that and I have many example, this blog being a good one. I’m far from successful but it taught me so much already, I know how to setup a website, create a wordpress one, add themes and install plugins and all these little things I never done in my life. Writing about these subjects deepens my understanding of each subjects i write about and it helps me re-connect to learning and situations of the past.

“I allow myself to explore the possibilities of life”

By making decisions and new approaches, we can change our lives and what could be the impact of such decisions? Ask yourself: What if I would travel 5 times a year? What if I would change the way I move? What if I would simply change the way I speak? What if I build my business?

It doesn’t have to be big, possibilities are everywhere and any little one can bring changes to our lives. Sometimes we randomly start a video on YouTube and it turns out be life changing when we show it to a close one or even for yourself.

“If every night when we go to bed, we go to bed proud of ourselves, we will live an extraordinary life”

Give more than you take

David mentions some studies that have proven that giving has more impact than receiving. The giver will have effects last longer than the receiver and one of the main effect of giving, is the feeling of well-being! Giving at times, is perceived as “taking” (our energy, time etc.) but if we give from our strength(s) then it isn’t really taking anything, we are more than happy to give. It is easy to serve others from our strengths and talents!

“When we wake up in the morning and if our desire is to serve others, our life become extraordinary”

It is all about conscientiously asking ourselves: What value I can bring today? How can I help in that situation? Where can I make the difference today?

“We are beings of giving, more than we are beings of receiving”

I remember when I met my wife she mention something very simple to me: “What you give, returns to you multiplied”. It became quickly joke when we felt our love growing, we shared care, appreciation, understanding, acceptance, time and we received stronger love feelings all the time. The principle is very similar after all, we are giver and if you give, it is making you happy and it may even mean you will receiving more later. Yet so many of us are closed up because we had our wings burnt once or twice, maybe more. Not giving isn’t the solution though, we still search for hapiness when our wings are burnt, even more than before sometimes. We should never stop giving, give everyday, give your best to others!

Create quality relationships

You may have heard of a 75 years studies made by Harvard researchers about make our well-being, the deep feeling of feeling well. The main outcome of that research is easy to guess at this point: the quality of their relationships.

There is even a Ted Talk about that study and I’ve dig it up for you:

“We must take the time to nourish the relationships that matters to us”

I will like that part to a book a talk often about: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In that book the author mention that having one functional relationship is a key, as everyone else is a one. If we can’t have at least one, we can’t have more. I reviewed the book in 2 parts: you can find it here: Part 1; Part 2

That is something I am applying right now in my life. I never really had a functional relationship before my wife, I had good relationships but claiming them functional and healthy would be something else. It is astonishing to realize how such a relationship changed my life and it starts to slowly change all my other relationships. I can apply what I have learn and I can handle these relationships for a safer and mature place. After multiple times listening to that book in audio, growing more and more as an independent person and practicing in that relationship, I can slowly have different views on other relationships and I still have a long road ahead. If you want to learn more about 6 keys to improve your relationship with your loved one, it’s happening HERE in my blog post from a month ago.

Call to action

Moving forward, I will nearly always close my blog post with a call to action.

What of the above keys you didn’t really think about yet? Or that you find yourself procrastinating on?

What steps are you willing to take, today, to make your life greater?! Post a comment about it!

Lately, I would like to extend my reach, if you liked this article or another one, share it on Social Medias or mention it to a friend who could benefit from it!

To go further

This article was inspired by the latest video (in French) from David Laroche. David stepped up his game in 2016 and plan to do so in 2017 in terms of quality for his videos and even free training (small video trainings). His job is more than remarkable and follow his advises greatly improved some aspects of my life and I am just starting!

I like to use his content as it leave a lot of space to share my personal experience through it and many of you aren’t understanding French so these gems aren’t available to you otherwise! For my French readers, enjoy!


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