In this article, I want us to explore one of the core ideas of my current read: Awaken the Giant Within: Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny. The author is the famous Tony Robbins, the man who made coaching cool in the USA. These are keys are a step by step process that if applied consistently, has the power the make the changes in your life, last.

First, Key 1: Raise Your Standards

This is Step 1 and the bottom line in life is that you get what you tolerate. Raising our standards mean accepting less crap; if any. We can expect more of ourselves and should. With higher expectations of ourselves, we will deliver higher results. If you look at any top performers, whether it is in your company or any athletes, for example, they only tolerate excellence of themselves, they do not tolerate mediocrity. In the same in relationships, happy couples have high themselves, their partner and the relationship.

Second, Key 2: Change Your Limiting Beliefs

When we raise our standards, we must believe that we are capable of achieving them. If we do not, because of limiting beliefs, then we self-sabotage. By taking control of our belief systems, we can ensure the outcome of raising our standards. By failing to do so, we can ensure to self-sabotage. 

“Our beliefs are like unquestionned commands, telling us how things are, what’s possible and what’s impossible, what we can and can not do”


And last, Key 3: Change Your Strategy

When we have high expectations of ourselves, then we believe we can make it, what else do we need? The answer is simple, the best strategies. This is the next breaking point, and finding the right strategy is sometimes hard. It might take multiple attempts. One way to learn the best strategies is to study other people who already made it. It can be through a book, a mentor or a coach for example. Having the right strategies can save months, years or even decades on achieving our goals.

Further, in the book, these should be explained with a lot more depth and practical pieces of advice. I might revisit them in another blog post if the value is high!

Thank you for your time and for reading this post.

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