I am following Tim Ferris (Blog; Podcast) for quite a while now and certain easy things keeps coming back. Tim tend to do a lot of various experiments and he tries deconstruct successful people best practices, while making them easy to implement for anyone.

Two of them being about weight loss. A lot of men are struggling with that and I did most of my life. I didn’t knew these when I started weight loss a few years ago but I would like to share them, as well as later a glimpse at my personal journey.

Let’s dive into it:

1. 30 grams of protein in the first 30 minutes of your day.


You may have heard that one already, but knowing what it means exactly and how to do it is slightly more complicated.
In his book about the 4 Hour Body week, he goes a bit more into details, findingmygitness.com actually got a very good summary going with some explanation:
– Eat at least 40% of your breakfast calories as Protein
– Do it with two or three whole eggs (6g protein per egg in average)
– Alternatives to eggs: turkey bacon, organic pork bacon, sausage, cottage cheese
– Other alternative: Use a protein shake (with water!)

I personally prefer to go with at least 4 (organic) large eggs. While it is not recommended here, I tend to have greek yogurt as well which make my total protein above 30g in average each morning.

Regarding the benefits or more details about it, you can google it. This was discussed very widely in the fitness industry and you won’t have troubles finding more information on it. 🙂

2. 70+ Kettle bells swings 3 times a week


I would take that one as a principal. Compounds movement are extremely good for weight loss and I had great results with doing different exercises then kettle bells swings. I know own my own kettle bells so I can do my swings at home and trying to see the benefit of it myself.

Doing these swings 3 times a week will take in total 10-20 minutes, I personally can do them back to back without rest with a 20 KG Kettle bell so it is actually very close to 10 minutes.

If buying your own Kettle Bell is too expensive or if you don’t have access to the gym, check out the second video on this Tim’s blog post.
If you aren’t sure how to do a proper swing, you can watch the first video on the link above or just google it, they are millions on guides about different swings are variations of swings.

Kettle bells swings aren’t your only solutions, you can find on Six Pack ShortCuts Youtube channel 10 others exercises that are as good or close to kettle bells for weight loss:

1. Battle Ropes
2. Jumper Push Ups
3. Farmer Walk
4. Double Dumbbell Snatches
5. One Arm Kettlebell Swing
6. Bench Sprints
7. Sit-to-stand Dumbbell Overhead press
8. Power Stance Dumbbell Swing
9. Barbell Clean to Press
10. Assisted Squats Jumps

Personal Experience with weight loss

As mentioned in my bio, I went from being sporty and muscular in my twenties to obese and not muscular when I was 25. I gained a good 25-30 kilograms in a few years, loosing muscles as I wasn’t exercising and putting fat as I had bad eating habits.
I was 123 KGs in my pick weight in 2011 and I had a long journey since then. Loosing more than 35 KGs in a year with a very strict high protein, no sugar/card diet (that I don’t recommend!), then gaining back 20 KGs and since then, slowly loosing weight while building muscle to get leaner, sexier and more functional. Today I am sitting around 90-91 KGs, I look strong and good in cloth and I am working on the last bits of KGs I want to lose.

Now it is time to share my personal experience and here are my top tips to my success in loosing weight:

– Do NOT rush it. Weight loss and keeping it, is a life long journey. Put habits and routines that you can keep and overtime, you will be where you want to be.
– Start exercising and stick to it (gym buddy can help! have one at least to start until it is an habit). I personally do 3 times a week for a good hour (and kettle bells swings at home)
Keep bad food out of your house, keep your fridge clean of bad food. To help with that, I order online once a week my groceries so I am not tempted to buy compulsively when in the shop!
– Improve your knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I did that with audio books and YouTube mainly. Podcast could be a great way as it is easy to listen while working out. 🙂 I would recommend the audio book Fat Loss Happens on Monday. I like the YouTube channel Six Pack ShortCuts as well. After following for years, I am now able to make my own workout easily, have plenty of exercises in mind whenever I want to focus on a muscle group!
Pre-cook! I love the slow cooker options, frozen vegetables and chicken breast. I can just drop these in it, wait a few hours and I have most of my meals ready for the next 4-6 meals.

I have a few questions for you now!
Where do you keep yourself informed for workout and/or nutrition?
Do you have any successes or struggles? If so, what is your situation now?

Thank you for reading!


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